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Life just got simpler.

myAPP by AdaptHealth is your simple solution to managing your diabetes supplies.

Managing Your Diabetes Has Never Been Easier! 

Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and insulin pumps can help simply your daily diabetes management. At Solara, we streamline the process, keep you update on the status and deliver your diabetes supplies straight to your door.  Our goal is to make it effortless for you!

How to Transfer Your Prescription to us in 3 Easy Steps: 

  1. Gather your prescription(s) and insurance information. ​
    This includes your first and last name, date of birth, home address, phone number, allergies (if applicable), insurance information (if applicable), and your prescription(s) including medication name(s) and dosage(s). 

  2. Gather your current pharmacy information. 
    Simply tell us the name and phone number of your current pharmacy. 

  3. We will contact your current pharmacy and coordinate your prescription(s) transfer on your behalf. 

Getting Started Is Quick & Easy!

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Place Your Reorder Online

We're experiencing a higher than normal volume of inbound calls.  Placing your order online saves you time and ensures your order is placed into our workflow system in a timely manner.

Medicare Now Covers Continuous Glucose Monitors for Qualified Patients

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