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URAC is an independent, nonprofit health care accrediting organization dedicated to promoting healthcare quality through accreditation, education and measurement. URAC accreditation is recognized and accepted by many different segments of the healthcare industry and by many federal and state government agencies as a measure of a healthcare organization’s quality. The URAC accreditation seal serves as a visible symbol of our commitment to quality and accountability.


“Solara Medical Supplies should be commended for its decision to be reviewed under URAC’s strict quality standards,” said URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green. “It is critically important for healthcare organizations to make a commitment to quality and accountability.”



The CHAP Standards of Excellence are designed to help suppliers like us deliver the best care and services possible. To support organizational excellence, CHAP has developed standards that are easy to understand, relevant and practical.

Through the application of these standards, Solara Medical Supplies has:

  • Strengthened internal operations

  • Promoted continuous quality improvement techniques and systems

  • Promoted consumer safety, satisfaction and outcomes

  • Affirmed public trust

  • Met community health needs in a cost-efficient and effective manner

  • Maintained the viability of community health practice nationwide


The Standards of Excellence are built on four underlying principles:

  1. The organizations structure and function consistently supports its consumer-oriented mission.

  2. The organization consistently provideshigh-quality services and products.

  3. The organization has adequate human, financial and physical resources to accomplish its stated mission and purpose.

  4. The organization is positioned for long-term viability.


Because we meet and/or exceed these standards and principles, Solara Medical Supplies has been awarded the seal of CHAP accreditation.



Solara Medical Supplies is proud to have earned VERIFIED INTERNET PHARMACY PRACTICE SITES  Accreditation, successfully completing the rigorous accreditation process by demonstrating the professional operations of our pharmacy, including the maintenance of policies and procedures that protect the client-patient relationship, ensuring the appropriate handling of prescription medications, providing appropriate medication information, and ensuring quality pharmacy practices are continuously offered to patients.


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