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Insulin Pumps  |  Tandem t:flex Touch
Tandem t:flex Touch Insulin Delivery System

Item ID: 317

Large-Capacity Insulin Pump

For convenience and ease of use, the t:flex™ Insulin Pump just fits. It is designed to help make your day-to-day insulin management as simple as possible, by giving you more freedom and flexibility than you get with injections. The t:flex Pump is small and discreet, but has enough capacity to meet your daily insulin needs.

Safe, secure, and built to last.

The t:flex Pump was designed with your safety in mind. The touch screen safety lock guards against unintended use. And our innovative Micro-Delivery® technology prevents your pump from unintentionally delivering insulin from the reservoir. 

The t:flex Pump is ultra-strong - the aluminum case is very durable and light. The touch screen is made of high-grade, shatter-resistant glass, guaranteed to last for four years. Plus, the t:flex Pump is watertight, so you don't have to worry about accidentally getting it wet.

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175. Tandem tflex Touch Insulin Delivery
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