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Your Single Source Solution
for Better Diabetes Care

Insurance Providers/Payor Partners

Solara maintains a significant number of agreements with hundreds of health insurance plans covering members and beneficiaries across the United States.   These agreements include:

  • Managed Care Organizations with enrollment for Commercial, Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid members

  • Traditional Medicare and Medicaid members

  • Federal Health Services including Tricare and Federal Blue Cross 

  • Accountable Care Organizations and Risk-based Provider Networks

  • Network Management Providers and Payors 

  • Third-Party Administrators and lease network arrangements

Insurance Verification

At Solara Medical Supplies, we simplify the referral process to reduce payor administrative expense, provider coordination costs, and assist to deliver on patient and member expectations through our expertise in:

  • Identifying appropriate Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid coverage guidelines by benefit (Medical vs. Pharmacy) 

  • Efficiently and accurately translating member coverage and benefit allowable to ensure your member can begin therapy as quickly as possible


Payor Services

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Payor Help

If you are a payor partner and need assistance with a patient issue please click on the “payor help” button.

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