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A Tisket-a-Tasket: What to put in the Easter Basket?

Easter can be a confusing time for parents of newly diagnosed children with diabetes because they know their child can enjoy chocolate and cover the carbohydrate intake with insulin, but that a large basket of candy is probably not the best idea. The good news is that healthy eating guidelines for children with diabetes are the same as for any other child- it’s all about balance, variety and moderation. This means that you can treat all of your children equally when it comes to Easter basket treats.

Including fun Easter activities is one way to take the focus off of candy. Planning an Easter egg hunt by leaving clues in various locations with a prize at the end is an event that kids love, and you can even leave a small non-candy treat at each clue station. Look for Easter events around town and participate in them. Think of an annual Easter outing that you can plan with the children that involves going to a place they enjoy such as a waterpark, zoo, skating rink, bowling alley, arcade or other local attraction. An event and family experience will create happy memories.

When filling Easter baskets, include a favorite candy item for each child, such as a small chocolate bunny, row of Peeps, jelly beans or speckled eggs. Then focus on filling the rest of the basket with non-candy items. Think about your child’s hobbies and interests, and include things related to them. Have a swimmer? Include new swim googles, swimsuit or a beachball. If your child is a budding musician, add guitar picks, sheet music, a certificate for lessons on a new instrument or concert tickets. Tickets to see a minor league baseball game or other affordable sporting event are an exciting addition for a sports fan. Some children love Easter themed books or craft supplies such as crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint brushes and paint or special paper or notebooks to work with. It’s a perfect time of year to add sandals, flip flops or slides to the basket.

Since Spring brings warmer weather, outdoor toys are always a hit. Check the Dollar store for treats like kites, balls, sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, binoculars, seeds, jump ropes, bubbles, or silly string. The ever-popular Nerf guns are often a hit, and keep kids moving. Playing cards, an Uno game, Pokémon cards, baseball or football trading cards or iTunes gift cards can be a hit.

When it comes time to eat the candy, eating a small amount with a meal throughout the week might work best, or you may know what works best with your current regimen. For children on injections, eating the candy with a meal can prevent the need for an extra injection.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter from Solara Medical Supplies!

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