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College and Diabetes: Plan Ahead for Success

While many students heading off to college for the first time are focusing on gathering room

decorations, meeting new roommates, figuring out how to save on textbooks and dealing with typical first year worries, students with Type 1 diabetes also need to focus on having plans in place to successfully manage diabetes on campus.  It’s important to talk to roommates and friends about diabetes, describing symptoms of low and high blood sugars and how they can help. Make sure to update your address with the supplier that ships your pump and CGM supplies.  Transfer insulin and medication prescriptions to a pharmacy near campus for quick access to what you need.  Planning for lows, sick days, sharps disposal, insulin refrigeration and drinking alcohol safely are a few areas to consider when heading off to school.  Registering for accommodations can also help make classes, labs and exams more diabetes friendly. for more information on heading off to college with diabetes safely.

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