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Kids and Diabetes: The Mystery Bolus

Living with diabetes is not easy for people of any age, and brings special challenges for children who don't have the life experience or communication skills of an adult. Children may have a partial understanding of how diabetes works, while at the same being allowed to have self-management freedom. There are times when children might give an extra bolus that is not an appropriate response to a blood sugar reading. This can be due to a fear of hyperglycemia, they may fell that iif their blood sugar goes over a certain number they have personally determined, that DKA is just around the corner. They might bolus extra insulin before their previous dose has even been delivered. Other children know that a low blood sugar means extra sweets and/or extra attention. Giving children freedom with diabetes management while making sure they are acting responsibly is a balance. The psychology of diabetes self-care is complex - seek the services of a licensed therapist if your child is struggling.

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