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Summertime Fruit

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Fruit brings good nutrition to the table, including vitamin C, fiber and potassium. People with diabetes often think that fruit is something to avoid, and worry that if they eat fruit a high blood sugar will result. The key to blood sugar control when eating fruit is portion control. By using a measuring cup or kitchen scale, you can increase the accuracy of your carb counting when eating fruit. Fruit can be tricky, for example if the grapes are large, you might only get six, not seventeen for 3 oz. Examples of 15 gm carb portions of popular summer fruits include: Watermelon 1 ¼ cups, Strawberries 1 ¼ cup, Fresh Peach 6 oz (put it on your kitchen scale), Grapes 17 (3oz), Cherries 12 (3.5 oz), Cantaloupe 1 cup, Raspberries 1 cup, Blackberries 1 cup. Shop your farmers market to get fresh, local fruit at a savings, and enjoy!

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