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AutoSoft XC Infusion Set 6mm 23'' Grey - Each

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The t:90 Infusion Set by Tandem Diabetes is their most popular all-in-one infusion set. The t:90 Insusion Set has a 90-degree soft cannula that comes pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter allowing for one handed insertions. The t:90 insertions are quick and easy, even in hard to reach areas!

t:90 Infusion Set Features:

  • 90° flexiable soft cannula.
  • Automatic insertion.
  • Large grip areas on connector make disconnection easier.
  • Reversible connector makes reconnection simple.
  • Transparent window at insertion point.
  • Contains 10 t:90 Infusion Sets - 9mm Cannula with 23" Tubing, Luer - Grey.

AutoSoft XC Infusion Set 6mm 23'' Grey - Each

SKU: 1001680
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