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Tips for Navigating Holiday Stress

Thursday, November 21, 2019 10 AM PST


Susan Guzman, PhD is a clinical psychologist specializing in diabetes.  Her clinical and research focus areas include overcoming real-life barriers to living well with diabetes, from diagnosis throughout the lifespan. Dr. Guzman is passionate about helping to change the conversations in diabetes away from shame, blame and judgment to those based on facts, empathy, and encouragement. She has been part of a joint ADA/AADE effort to address problematic language and messages in diabetes.


In 2003, Dr. Guzman co-founded the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI), the first non-profit organization devoted to the emotional and behavioral aspects of living with diabetes.  At BDI, she has served as the Director of Clinical/Educational Services developing and led programs for people with diabetes and their families.  Dr. Guzman integrates empathy, acceptance and practical guidance to help people better utilize their strengths in living life with diabetes. 

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