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Medtronic MiniMed Quick Set 18" 6mm 10/Box

Medtronic MiniMed Quick-set Infusion Set 43" L Tubing, 6mm Cannula, Clear, 90° Insertion Angle

The Medtronic Quick-set infusion set is our most popular infusion set. This 90°, soft cannula infusion set combines ease of use with maximum comfort and appeals to both children and adults of average to heavier build. The Quick-serter may be used to easily and comfortably insert the cannula under your skin.

  • Quick, easy insertion and consistent depth with Quick-Serter insertion device.
  • Convenient at-site tubing disconnection.
  • Easy twist disconnection.
  • Protection from needlestick injury with unique self-capturer - ideal for those with a fear of needles.
  • Wide choice of tubing lengths.
  • Straight angle soft tapered cannula.
  • Most suitable for lean individuals, such as most kids and athletes.

Medtronic MiniMed Quick Set 18" 6mm 10/Box

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