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5 Quick Tips for Tailgating with Diabetes

With crisp . fall weather, football tailgating comes to mind. Munching on party food, drinking alcohol, travel to the event-there are many variables that can affect blood sugar when spending the day enjoying a tailgate party a nd football game.

1. Make sure to carry glucose tablets or another fast-acting carb source, your insulin orr medications and any other needed supplies.

2. Drink plenty of sugar free beverages to stay hydrated and eat every . three to four hours to keep blood sugar stable.

3. Keep a close eye on your blood sugars.

4. If your blood sugar is within range and you want to drink alcohol, limit drinks to one/day . for women, two/day for men. If you are going to drink more, make sure to have something to eat, and keep a close eye on blood sugars for the next 24 hours.

Stay active-walking to the game, tossing the football arouund and other activities can help keep blood sugar balanced.

Have fun and stay safe this football season!

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